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This past September, Accord was exhibited at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and ranked among the top 25 out of 1,713 artists for ArtPrize 2010.

Accord is a dynamic and engaging sculpture comprised of strands of light that are interwoven within a metal structure. Upon investigation, a sonar beam emitted from within the sculpture captures movement and converts it into recognizable tunes such as the violin and flute. The lights (strings) then respond to the sound generated by movement. By utilizing the captivating medium of sound, light and metal, Accord provokes interaction and dialogue.

The sound component of Accord enables those with limited mobility an opportunity to communicate using sound.

If you are interested in purchasing Accord, please contact the artist at gomezbree@gmail.com

ArtPrize 2010
Steel, Aluminum, Sound Responsive Lights, Internal Sound System
12'H x 10'W x 4'D