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Light has the capacity to reveal, transmit, captivate and heal, however the absence of light, in particular sunlight induces psychological imbalance. By addressing the inaccessibility of light from the inside out, Correction utilizes phototheraputic light, electrochromic glass and wood to transform the Metropolitan Correctional Center into a place of rejuvenation for prisoners and pedestrians alike. Upon interaction, Sunnex Lo- LIGHT® radiates from within the wooden bench, illuminating the invisible barrier that exists between us.

For more information regarding Correction and other public art proposals, please visit: www.publiclightandspace.com

If you are interested in pursuing a public or private project utilizing phototheraputic light, please contact the artist at gomezbree@gmail.com or 219.765.5544

Sunnex Phototheraputic Light, SAGE Electrochromic Glass, Mahogany
6'H x 16'W x 4'D