Bree Gomez
Transforming Spaces into Places through Art & Design


Accord (pictured left) was recently exhibited at the Chicago Loop Alliance's 9th Annual Illumination Gala at the Palmer House Hilton.

To see a video of Accord in action, click the following link:

"Simply an important and impressive piece of public art. Although it is being presented inside an indoor gallery, it plays an important mission to our cultural community and civic sense of sensibilities. The work is really delightful and dark, intelligent and playful. Most importantly, she challenges the norms of public space in a way that is very important to citizen’s sense of ownership and what is public property. It really creates the opportunity for the public to really engage in the world around them."

-Frank Maugeri, Co-Artistic Director, Redmoon Theater
(Referencing Accord (pictured left) during the Illuminate Exhibition at Water Street Studios January 2012)

I have always been fascinated by the relationships that exist between people, sound and light. As an artist, I strive to transform spaces into places by creating functional artwork that is accessible, interactive and harmonious within its environment. I work with a variety of sustainable materials including sound, light, glass, metal and ceramic

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Bree Gomez received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in sculpture and design (2010). Since taking a course with Jaume Plensa (Crown Fountain, Millennium Park), which culminated in a public exhibition at the Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago, she has been utilizing light to activate public spaces. In 2010 her interactive sculpture, Accord was exhibited at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and ranked among the top 25 out of 1,713 artists for ArtPrize. Most recently, Accord was exhibited at the Palmer House Hilton for the Chicago Loop Alliance's 9th Annual Illumination Gala and Zhou B Art Center for a Light Sense Exhibition, curated by Sergio Gomez. Her work is represented both nationally and internationally by S.R. Brennen Gallery in Palm Desert, California and Galleria Romanelli in Florence, Italy. She is now residing in San Diego, CA.